Epic Rides in Argentina | Ruta 40 Patagonia

Epic Rides in Argentina

Ruta 40 – Patagonia

This Epic Ride is from Bajo Caracoles towards El Chalten. It’s long, boring, windy and flat. But when you finally arrive back near the Andes at El Chalten, you’ll be glad you took the challenge.


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This section is of Ruta 40 is from Bajo Caracoles to Tres Lagos, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Type of Road

As of 2018, loose hard packed gravel. Because it is a mountainous road, it may become impassable during heavy rain. Some river crossing.

When is the best time to Ride?

Anytime outside Winter

Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
Ruta 40, Argentina

Why is it an ‘Epic Ride’

Maybe ‘Epic’ is not the right word… This ride is more interesting because of the challenges and not so much on twisty roads and amazing scenery. But if you’re heading south, there aren’t many other roads to take 🙂

It’s a isolating crazy ride, full of wind, and barely any fuel stations.

Video Blog of the Route (vBlog)