Epic Rides in Uruguay | Coastal Road

Epic Rides in Uruguay

Coastal Road Colonia del Sacramento to Punta del Este

This Epic Ride is along the coast of Uruguay. I didn’t spend much time in this small country but instantly you’ll realize it has a lot of offer the traveller.

It was the most European country I visited in South America.


After a ferry from Buenos Aires, you’ll be offloaded and your first taste of Uruguay will be Colonia del Sacramento. This ride then heads along the coast to Punta Del Este.

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Type of Road

As of 2016, very good roads

When is the best time to Ride?

Anytime. But the best weather is between October and March.


Punta del Este

This is a hot spot for tourists. But if you go outside the peak seasons. You can enjoy a slow paced beach town, great for surf and sunsets.

Seals playing in the harbour

Why is it an ‘Epic Ride’

Maybe not an ‘Epic’ ride, but it is all I did in Uruguay.

Video Blog of the Route (vBlog)