Top Sites Argentina – Perito Moreno Glacier


The Perito Moreno Glacier is classed as one of the ‘Must Sees’ of a trip to Patagonia, and with good cause.  Its incredible! Firstly the size, the photo below show the width of the section that is view-able from the platform. incredibility this is 5kms wide!! More amazingly, it is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field  which has an area of 12,363 km2 . (The section in red is the section that is 5kms wide!!)

Accessing the glacier is simple. It is located 78km east of the town ‘El Calafate’. There is a series of raised platforms for accessing several viewpoints.

If you’re lucky you can even experience a section of ice break away and lunge into the waiting lake. The ice moves 2m per day so hang around and get the camera ready 🙂

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