Epic Rides in Chile | Paso Rodolfo Roballos

Epic Rides in Chile

Paso Rodolfo Roballos

Paso Rodolfo Roballos is a border crossing pass between Chile and Argentina. It is one of the last crossings from the Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) that can be done with a vehicle. The turn off to the Pass is 17 kilometers north of the town Cochrane in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. Once in Argentina the Pass joins the famous Ruta 40, where you can continue south.


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From Chile this road is off the Carretera Austral. From Argentina, this road is off Ruta 41.

Type of Road

As of 2017, All loose hard packed gravel.

When is the best time to Ride?

November to March. Even during these months it will be chilly (especially at night)

What other Epic Rides are close by?

This road is off the Carretera Austral. Probably one of the best rides in the world.

GPS Tracking Map

My tracking from Paso Roballos. (GPX / KML files)

GPS Elevation Profile

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Rio Cochrane

The start of the pass is located on the Rio Cochrane (Cochrane River). A stunning, glacier feed river.

Rio Cochrane, Chile
All dirt, no people, complete isolation

This is the Patagonia you have heard about… no traffic, no people, isolation bliss. In fact the border station is run with Solar panels. The staff are super friendly as I can imagine the number of people per day crossing this pass is very small.

X-83, Aysén, Chile
Lagoons and Flamingos

Flamingos can be found hanging out in Lago Ghio on the Argentina side.

Flamingoes, Argentina
Wild Camping

Complete isolation allows for some great wild camping

Wild Camping, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Time lapse of Wild camping on the Paso Roballos

Time lapse of a Sunset over Patagonia

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