Epic Rides in Morocco | Lower High-Atlas Mountains

Epic Rides in Morocco

Lower High-Atlas Mountains

This Epic Ride takes place in southern Morocco, over the lower High-Atlas Mountains.


Starting from Agadir, this ride goes over the lower Atlas Mountains via Paradise Valley towards the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

The Ride

Roads: As of 2019, mostly asphalt that seems like it was laid yesterday. The roads in Morocco are in great condition.

Bike: 2019 BMW F750 GS

Weather: Spring – Peak season | Summer – Scorching heat | Autumn | Mid season | Winter – Lovely Day temps, Cold at night (around 6 degrees)

KMZ File Download of Route | Epic Rides in Morocco – Lower High-Atlas Mountains


Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley is a area North-East of Agadir.

It’s a lovely area to swim or hike.

The main swimming hole is located below.


This city in the Sous Valley in southern Morocco. It is situated east of Agadir on the road to Ouarzazate and the Sahara desert and south of Marrakesh. The town is known as the “Grandmother of Marrakesh” because it looks like a smaller Marrakesh with its surrounding ramparts. In the sixteenth century, the Saadi dynasty briefly used Taroudant as a capital before it moved its royal seat onwards to Marrakesh.

To the tourist, Taroudant is much less touristy than the grandfather, Marrakech.

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What’s Nearby

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