Best Rides of Argentina/Chile – Los Libertadores Pass


Paso Internacional Los Libertadores (Cristo Redentor)

Los Libertadoes Pass is a mountain border crossing between Chile and Argentina. It is the busiest pass in terms of traffic, linking Santiago (Chile) and Mendoza (Argentina), at over 3900m.

The road is all asphalt. The climb from both Chile and Argentina is gradually and therefore should give you no issues from altitude sickness if you climb at a normal pace.

The Border Crossing station is on the Chilean Side and it a joint station (Argentina and Chile). The station is also the customs office.

GPS Tracking Map

My tracking from Mendoza (Argentina) to Los Andes (Chile). Tracking files can be downloaded here. (GPX/KML)

Elevation Profile


Tunnel of Christ the Redeemer

Tunnel of Christ the Redeemer terminates Route 7 (Argentina) to Route 60 (Chile) and vice versa. The tunnel is 3km long and can be closed during winter months.


Route 60 (Chile)

Straight after you have entered Chile, you will start the descent down Route 60. This road is excellent asphalt and well, i’ll let this picture from Google maps show parts of the road.

Why is it a ‘Best Ride’

Awesome climbs and descents, a very high, long tunnel, and part of the pan-american highway. The pass is not the greatest between Chile and Argentina but it is a common pass linking important regions in both Countries.

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