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Epic Rides in Bolivia

Laguna Paso

San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) to Uyuni (Bolivia)

This ride starts in either Bolivia or Chile. This Pass, as the name suggests, travels via numerous Lagoons. Sounds ok right? Well it is and SO MUCH more.


This Epic ride starts from either Chile, Bolivia or Argentina.

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Type of Road

As of 2018, loose hard packed gravel and some sand.

Laguna Blanca, Bolivia

When is the best time to Ride?

November to March. Even during these months it will be chilly (especially at night)

GPS Tracking Map

My tracking from Chile to Bolivia via the Laguna Pass. Tracking files can be downloaded here. (GPX/KML)

Elevation Profile

The Ride

Let’s start with an overview. This area is the most isolated in Bolivia, maybe the world. As you can see above, the elevation profile for this ride is high. Very high. Planning is required for this route.


This route is only be passable in summer months. Of course there are variables in weather, so check before attempting this route as it takes a few days to complete.


The distance on this ride is approx. 350km. From San Perdo de Atacama to the first fuel station in Bolivia. Fill up in San Perdo and bring a secondary fuel can that allows you to be able to make this distance plus have enough spare in case of emergency.  (Whilst the route is very remote and isolated, the are alot of 4wd vehicles running tourists back and forward from San Pedro de Atacama to the Salt Flats of Uyuni. )

Why is it an ‘Epic Ride’

The scenery is stunning. The roads are difficult and will test your riding skills. The altitude is high, you’ll be out of breath. But once you make it back to civilization, you’ll be smiling ear to ear.


Time Lapse Video of a the ride from Chile to Bolivia via the Laguna Pass