Dive Sites in Mexico | Isla Espiritu Santo

Dive Sites in Mexico

Isla Espiritu Santo

Just a short boat ride from La Paz lies a UNESCO world heritage site known as Espiritu Santo Island. Above the water there is a huge variety of birds and the famous colony of sea lions. Below the surface lies a spectacular coral reef attracting biodiversity sure to make your diving unforgettable.


In the Sea of Cortez, off La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.

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Sites (El Bajo)

The Seamount is located 8.2 miles, 032º from Los Islotes and is sometimes called the “Marisla Seamount”. There are three distinct underwater peaks arrayed along a three hundred yard line running 120º – 300º, the northernmost rising to within 83 feet of the surface. The central peak to within 52 feet and the southern to within 69 feet. The central peak, with it’s shallow depths and relatively flat top, is the primary dive site and anchoring location. Source

Dive Video (El Bajo)

Sites (Fang Ming Wreck)

The Fang Ming wreck is a purpose sank dive site off the island. In 1995, The boat was used by a number of Chinese citizens attempting to flee China. Once discovered by the Mexican Navy, the vessel was confiscated and after no one collected the boat, it was prepared to be an artificial reef.

Dive Video (Fang Ming Wreck)