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Iruya is small mountain town located in the Salta region of North West Argentina. The town is accessed by a gravel road from Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Valley). The road climbs to 4000m before descending to 2600m where Iruya is located.


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You’ll see the entrance tunnel to the town once you start to ride along the Iruya River. This ride is stunning, with dramatic landscape and twisty bends.

Iruya, Salta Province, Argentina

Once in the town, the hightlights are the church (built in 1609), the friendly people and many condors you can see from the ‘Mirador de los condor’

Iruya, Salta Province, Argentina
Iruya, Salta Province, Argentina

The road to Iruya

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