Epic Rides in Switzerland | Gotthard Pass

Epic Rides in Switzerland

Gotthard Pass

The Ride

This Epic Ride takes place on the Gotthard Pass, over the The Alps in Switzerland. The Gotthard Pass lies on the main watershed of the Gotthard massif, a massif lying at the heart of the Swiss Alps, between the cantons of ValaisTicinoGrisons and Uri. The pass itself is the lowest point between the summits of Pizzo Lucendro (west) and Pizzo Centrale (east). It connects the cantons of Uri (north) and Ticino (south), its summit (2,106 metres (6,909 ft), indicated by a road sign) being located in the latter canton, about 2 km south of the border with Uri. The valleys connected by the pass are that of the river Reuss, named the Urseren, and that of the river Ticino, named Valle Leventina. The Gotthard axis is the most important route between Central Switzerland as well as most of the northern part of the country and the southern region of Ticino. It is the most direct link between Zürich and Lugano and also between some regions of northern Europe and Italy



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Tremola Valley (Old Road)

Tremola San Gottardo, located in the Canton of Ticino, is the longest road monument in Switzerland. It connects the municipality of Airolo to the Gotthard Pass. One of the highest paved roads in Europe, located on the left side of the Val Tremola, it was constructed with the opening of the roadway of the Gotthard Pass. In its most important stretch, over a length of four kilometers it climbs a height of 300 meters in 24 hairpin bends. It is the old road that connects to the Gotthard Pass, and is well worth the ride.

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