Hopefully the last flight for a year…… the Adventure begins

After handing my keys in for the flat, I headed to London Heathrow for my one way ticket to South America.

I managed to get secure a £317 ticket with Aero Mexico from London to Santiago de Chile. via Mexico City of course. (Chile was originally my starting point, more on that later)

I have never flown with Aero Mexico. I’d give them 8/10. New Dream-liner planes, but no Mexican food on-board?

Dream-liner. Sweet Dreams

Leaving Mexico City. The definition of concrete jungle.

I landed in Santiago at 10pm. The next flight was 7 am and was with a different carrier. So I checked my bags into a locker and slept on the floor of the airport. Another great use for Motorcycle gear, the jacket and pants armored combo makes for a ‘comfortable’ sleep on the floor. Good in theory, however, many more people decided to ‘camp’ right next to me.. strange considering the size of the airport ? Therefore I didn’t get much sleep due to the family sitting next to me laughing and screaming at each other all night. My alarm went off at 5. I stumbled to my feet, gave the family next to me the biggest death stare I could manage, collected my bags and headed to the baggage check-in. The airline, SKY, wouldn’t check-in two duffel bags in .. even though they were all under the limit. So they said I could carry on one of the bags.. do they not realize it is the same weight whether it is in the cargo hold or in the overhead locker ? arrrghhh
And without a coffee and very sleepy they asked me if they was anything like knifes etc.. of course I said no.. not thinking about my pocket knife or which bag of the two bags it was in..
So of course I took the bag with the pocket knife and at the baggage scanning the look on the face of the scanner operator quickly jump started my mind about the pocket knife. after a good dig around they found it and it was straight in the bin.. noooooooo.
Once onboard the flight was empty.. three flights in a row where I have had the whole row to myself. Score
Before take off the girl behind me asked where I was from .. mostly due to my height I guess. She then asked if she could take a photo of my eyes. Of course I said yes.
Once in the air the pilot explained that we would be flying of the Andes and the seatbelt sign will be on until they are crossed. The views from the plane were spectacular.

Flight from Chile to Argentina over the Andes.

It was just 1hr 40 to Buenos Aires. Once landed the custom queue was similar to heathrow. I managed to sneak into the Argentinian citizen line and pleaded ignorance when I got to the front.. more benefits for not speaking español.

the Argentina Border…. now London doesn’t look so bad.

Once through customs the airport itself was crazy busy. Most airport arrival and departure areas are unnecessarily spacious, but this was not case. You actually had to push your way to the exit where the buses are. With poorly signed instructions, I managed to find the buses. The giveaway was the massive line of people waiting in the middle of the median strip between where the taxis are allowed and where the mini vans hunt for tourists for rides to the city. The bus ticket was 190 pesos and you could buy it from a guy in a box right next to the start of the line.
Buenos Aires has a humid climate and I noticed this right way as I was still in my motorbike pants waiting outside for a bus.
After about 30 mins a bus arrived and we were on our way. The air-conditioning on the bus was brilliant, and once it was moving I was asleep in like 20 secs.
We arrived at the city bus station on time and my Couch-surfing host had organised her son to collect me. Once the met and greets were done we headed off for another bus bride to Quilmes.
More on Buenos Aires in my next post.
Time to have some fun in Buenos Aires without the bike. 🙂