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Zenobi Wreck

The Wreck

MS Zenobia was a Swedish-built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in 1979 that capsized and sank in the Mediterranean Sea, close to LarnacaCyprus, in June 1980 on her maiden voyage. She now rests on her port side in approximately 42 meters (138 ft) of water and was named by The Times, and many others, as one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world.


A short boat ride off the coast of Cyprus

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Dive Site

Rated one of the top ten wrecks dives in the world, the Zenobia is a real treat for experienced diver. The Zenobia lies on her port side with 108 articulated lorries which can still be seen alongside the wreck.  MS Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in 1979 that capsized and sank in the Mediterranean sea, close to Larnaca, Cyprus, in June 1980 on her maiden voyage.

The seabed is at 42m and the highest point is at 16m with visibility reaching 40m. Few currents and warm water it makes an ideal site for all qualified divers. Whether it is your first wreck dive or you want a series of penetration dives, Zenobia is a great choice.

The marine life in and around the wreck is unique in Cyprus. Nowhere else will you get the chance to see grouper, barracuda, tuna, turtle and triggerfish… the list of marine life is endless and all at the same dive site. Outside of the Zenobia you can see a variety of fish from large Groupers to barracudas and tiny Damselfish. If you look closely you may also see tiny Pink Flabellina nudibranchs that make the Zenobia their home.

The trucks and their cargo have never been salvaged, and are now lying on the seabed and still chained to the decks for you to see. Source


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