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Samaipata and Surroundings


Samaipata is located 120kms west of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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There are many highlights around Samaipata, these are my favorites.

Samaipata town

Samaipata is a small town with numerous colonial buildings and narrow cobbled streets. It is a good mix of locals, expats and global tourists. Though it is not as touristy as the Bolivian sites in the highlands. It is strategically located near several tourist attractions such as El Fuerte de Samaipata, the Amboro National Park, El Codo de los Andes, Cuevas waterfalls, vineyards, rapids and lagoons. The local economy is mainly dedicated to tourism, agriculture (including its many vineyards) and crafts. Local farmers produce organic vegetables such as tomatoes, artichokes, lettuces and green beans. The region is also famous for its production of fruits such as peaches, grapes, plums, chirimoyas, guapurus, strawberries and figs. There is also a significant production of wines, singani, honey, marmalades, cold cuts, herbal infusions, lavender, art pieces and artisan crafts.

Amboro National Park

Amboro National Park is a nature reserve with over 912 species of birds, over 177 mammalian species including pumaocelot, and the rare spectacled bear. Covering an area of 4,425 km² (1,709 sq mi), it is protected from human settlements, hunting, mining and deforestation, though problems with all these still exist within the park. The Carrasco National Park is placed adjacent to Amboró, and together the two form a larger conservation unit.

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Las Cuevas Waterfall

Las Cuevas Waterfalls is close to Samaipata town and it a relaxing area of several pools and waterfalls.

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