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As the second largest country by land mass in South America, Argentina has a lot to offer the traveler, especially the over-lander. From the isolation and dramatic scenery of Southern Patagonia, or the bluest blue lakes of the Neuquén, to the stunning red earthy landscapes of the Andean North-West. There is many vast lands to discover. Mix that with different cultures and you’ll never be short of a smile whilst you motorcycle up and down Argentina.

Boasting a range of breath-taking landscapes that cater to every rider’s preference. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains in the west to the rugged terrain of Patagonia in the south, and the lush forests and lakes of the Lake District in the north, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring scenery to admire while riding.

Argentina is home to some of the most iconic motorcycle routes in the world. The legendary Ruta 40 stretches along the western side of the country, covering a distance of over 5,000 kilometres. This route takes riders through diverse landscapes, quaint towns, and historical sites, offering a truly epic journey. Other popular routes include the Seven Lakes Route, the Route of the Jesuit Missions, and the Circuito Chico near Bariloche.

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